Board Reports August 2016

This page contains the monthly reports to the Board of the Directors...

July 19, 2016 Board of Director Minutes


Treasurers Report - Greg Staude & Dennis Cerny



Pastors Reportnull


Worship Changes - You will notice changes in our worship on Sunday morning.  To accomodate our reduction in staff support we are attempting to reduce the labor required to produce bulletins, announcements, and the on screen portions of our worship services. The printed order of service will remain mostly the same, but it is our hope and plan to move to a paperless worship environment. To make this possible we are eliminating ppt and using a new piece of software "Proclaim" to prepare worship services.  Additional time is require of pastors and music director in order to accomplish this new method of functioning.  We will need to purchase the Proclaim software to accomodate this method of functioning. What are the benefits?  As we move toward a paperless worship environment, we will save even more time.

Communication Changes - You may notice changes in our Weekly Newsletter, Website, Graphics for announcements, and other communications.  To accomodate our reduction in staff support we are attempting to reduce the labor required to produce all the above.  How are we accomplishing that?  We are changing our methods of staff functioning.  Newsletters will be produced collaboratively.  Instead of one person as a primary publisher (Patti Schneider) primary staff will all be publishers of their respective areas of responsibility.  Boards, committies, individuals communicating on the web or weekly newsletter,  will direct their communications to the staff person responsible as outlined below: (subject to change as needed)

Pastor Carl - Worship (except music), outreach, fellowship (elders, member matters)

Pastor Tom - Discipleship (Stewardship -time, talents (serving), treasures), Finances, Facilities

Daryl Kruse - School

Thomas Walkenhorst - Music matters (and worship AV matters).

So...with these and other changes that are being made to accomodate the loss of staff support (primarily) to the church, we ask your patience and for greater involvement in communicating all the matters of our ministry together. A special thank you to Patti who has been supporting us since January 2011. 



For the Month of July 2016 null

Baptisms: 6  Baptism on July 24, 2016 Sam Guillory, Martha Lopez,  David Martinez, Dominic Martinez, Adeline Martinez, Tessa Truett (new born)

Confirmation: 0

Funerals/Memorials Services: Sharon Boeck’s mother (Pastor Tom)

Weddings: none

Membership Changes: +6

Connecting to Faith - Membership classes are coming in September

360 Unite changes & additionsnull

WE are updating our website creating a more up-to-date experience.  We are looking for greater participation on the part of leaders to update and add information to 360 Unite &  360 members. Many of the pages will be "live" so that the owner of the page may update them whenever changes are made. 

Prayer Requests

In addition to being able to place a prayer request you will find all the people we are currently praying for both within our Faith family and beyond.This page is updated as prayer requests are received, by Janice Schaag, and pastors. (This one example).


THE STORY is coming to FAITH ON AUGUST 21ST! null

This 31-week study will take us through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, revealing the unfolding, grand narrative of the Scriptures and leading us to a deeper understanding of the history of salvation.

Lots of excitement building.  Be sure to be a part of this amazing journey together. 











  • Choir Member
  • Praise Band
  • Handbells


  • Connection Group Leader
  • Connection Group Member
  • Sunday School Teacher (little children)