2022 Procedures

Janice Schaag - Administrative Support & Procedures

Table of Procedures and support


Daily – Ongoing


CCB – Church Community Builder

Oversee & Manage data input and reporting in CCB 

  1. Maintain accurate and up-to-date membership & guest records 
  2. Input the church offerings weekly
  3. Ensure attendance records are maintained for worship, Sunday School (all ages), discipleship
  4. Provide reporting for staff, leaders and other volunteers as requested
  5. Provide Training and equipping staff, leader, and small group leaders on CCB & LEAD app.
  6. Provide Admin management for all users (rights and privileges). 

Prayer Requests:

  1. Receive and send out prayers requests in a timely manner through CCB Prayer Tree. (Monday – Friday)  Pastor will manage these Saturday and Sunday. (Find a prayer leader in the church to maintain this along with Janice)


Weekly Support 


Tidying up the Worship Center (before 10am). 

  1. Remove all the leftover newsletters and place them in next to the mailbox for anyone who may “drop in” to pick one up during the week.  (Also, new task (Friday) when distributing the weekly newletters place a supply in the wall mounted holder next mailboxes). 
  2. Remove worship materials (bulletins, handouts, containers, etc.) from previous Sunday.  Place 6 copies of Sunday’s worship bulletin (large print, 8am service) on Pastor Carl’s desk for weekly pastoral visitation. 
  3. Straighten up the narthex of “left over”, papers, et al items. 


Communication before noon

  • Send out communication reminders to staff, church leaders, and others in order to receive needed information (due Wednesday noon) for 1) newsletter articles, 2) website updates, 3) pre-service, and 4) post-service announcements. 
    • Weekly Newsletter deadline for EVERYONE is noon Wednesday. Weekly newsletter is prepared and printed on Thursday before the end of the workday, placed in various locations on campus before the end of the workday on Friday, and sent out digitally on Friday by 3pm.
  • Update the website before noon 
    • Post proclaim Sermon (audio & pdf, and handout, on Website)
    • Update the youtube livestreams of the 8 am & 11 am services
    • Update the “slider” on the front page of the church website (remove out of date information, add in new slides 

Outreach support (Monday before end of work day)

Enter Guest information into CCB (database)
  1. Guests to worship
    1. First time Guests
      1. Add to CCB - First time Guests are added to CCB when they live within a drivable distance to Faith's campus (Unless there is a known reason for not entering)    
      2. Send Letter or email   A letter is sent (from the Senior Pastor) (Email or paper) within 24 hours after the first visit to our Faith Campus or attendance at a Faith Sponsored event. 
    2. Second Time Guests a second letter from the Senior Pastor (Email or paper) within 24 hours after the second visit to our Faith Campus or attendance at a Faith Sponsored event. 
    3. Weekly Guests Report 
      1. Weekly guest report includes First Time Guests - FGT, Second Time Guests - STG, and all Regular Guests - RG in this report )=(Names, address, phone, email, service date and time attended)
      2. Send weekly Guest report to church called staff (Pastor Carl, ), BOD, and ELDERS so that all leaders can support and own outreach through prayer and personal interaction with our guests.
  1. Names of children,
  2. name of parent or guardian,
  3. time they were dropped off, time when they were picked up

 (e.g., Carter Rush, parent: Angie Rush, dropped off @ 9:25am, pick up @ 11:45am)

(NOTE: The weekly guest report provides essential information for BOD and Elders to support and engage in follow up with guests in worship. 


WORSHIP attendance and communion totals by service 

  • 8am Worship  ____ Communion ____
  • 11am Worship ____ Communion ____


Discipleship stats (all ages) (Sunday Morning)

  • Sunday School (children, youth adults, all ages and groups) 
  • 1) Class, 
  • 2) teacher(s), 
  • 3) students 
  • Total number totals for each Class and total of all classes. 


(e.g., Class: 4 & 5 year-olds, Teachers: Linda Couch & Bill Garner.  Students: Tristen Rush, Kasper Seaman, etc)


Discipleship Stats (Youth - other than Sunday Morning)

  • Middle School Events 
  • Confirmation (date, time, Leaders present, youth by name, and total attended)
  • High School (date, name of event, Leaders present, youth by name, and total attended)


Weekly Offering$: (ask Dennis to provide to you weekly).

  • General:
  • Special
  • Other:
  • Total


Wednesday by the end of work day

Worship service/bulletin preparation

Thursday  (before Noon)

  1. Update website – update Events and any other information that needs to added, changed or deleted.
  2. Print Bulletins & Message Handout (if completed).
  3. Produce Weekly Newsletter



  1. Newsletter 
    1. Place printed weekly newsletters in the four holders at the exit doors of the worship center & the single holder by the mailboxes in the manner pictured below.  (Note: please fill each slot on the holder. Monitor (see Monday morning  task “Tidying up the Worship Center”) printing quantities  needed (both totals and each of these “holders”) Determine the average number being taken at each holder, maintain a 10% plus margin at teach, adjust and distribute accordingly (weekly and seasonally)


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  1. Prayer requests (support to Sunday Worship)
    1. Create a word doc of the week’s prayer requests,
    2. Print a copy of the week’s prayer requests
    3. Place a copy on the missal stand
    4. Update Proclaim with any prayer requests from the week.
    5. Send senior pastor the list in a word doc attachment, 
    6. Archive a copy in the sharepoint - date specific to the worship folder (for permanent record) sharepoint/worship/ Worship Services August 2018-July 2019/date) 


  1. Manage Electronic Door schedule - Review, update, and add electronic doors schedule for next 7 days of events. 
    1. Sunday morning***
      1. Worship Center doors Voter’s meetings (extend 30 additional minutes). 
        1. unlock 7:30am 
        2. lock 12:45pm
      2. Admin. East side doors
        1. unlock 7:30am 
        2. lock 12:45pm
      3. Administration Building Main Entrance
        1. Unlock 7:30am
        2. Lock 12:45pm 
      4. Gym door
        1. Unlock 7:30am
        2. Lock 12:45pm 

***(exception, Voter’s meetings and other post-worship events). 

  1. Other events doors will be unlocked 15 minutes prior to the event start and locked 15 minutes after event (unless other instructions or requests are made and “approved”).

Monthly Support

  1. Pastor’s Monthly Reports to the Boards of Elders’s and Directors


Each month a Pastor’s report is prepared for the Board of Elders and the Board of Directors. It is sent out no later than 4 days prior to either monthly meeting (exception, when the last Sunday occurs on the last day a month). This report is prepared on the last Thursday of the month in order for the Senior Pastor to send out to the elders 4 days prior to their meeting. This same report is sent (plus or minus) additional information provided by the Senior Pastor.  Senior Pastor sends the report to Board of Directors secretary 4 days before the monthly Board of Directors meeting. This reports include the following prepared by office administrator.

  1. All above weekly reports (in order) added my Pastor’s Report to elders and board of directors. 
  2. Official Acts for the month: (Baptism, confirmations, funeral/memorials, Weddings, and membership changes).
  3. Statistical Charts 
    1. Worship attendance for the month, with multiple years comparison
    2. Discipleship attendance for the month, with multiple years comparison
    3. Finance for the month / year comparison. (chart)

Prepare the Senior Pastor’s above report no later than Thursday noon prior to the elder’s monthly meeting and one week prior to the Board of Director’s meeting. Additional, group specific information, is added by the Senior Pastor to the above reports.  Senior Pastor sends completed reports to elders and to the secretary of Board of Director. 

  1. Communication procedure for monthly Events for groups such as, Men of Faith, Women of Faith, OWLS,  etc. 

(The following is an example using the group: Men of Faith. As it is “helpful” you may wish to develop other procedures to ensure the effective management of these monthly communications.)


  1. Update ppt graphic date 3 Weeks prior and reminders to monthly event leaders (as needed). 
  2. Update the CCB MoF sign up form 3 Weeks prior.
  3. Place MoF Graphic on the website “coming events” 15 days before MoF Event.  Ensure the end date for web publications is after the event (day of) in the case of MoF, 9am Saturday morning.  (Note: graphics for the new website may require a resizing).
  4. Send out evites and sign up (3 times)
    1. 15 days before (Friday) MoF event.
    2. Monday 6 days before MoF event.
    3. Thursday 3 days before MoF event.
  5. Newsletter – 2 Sundays before Men of Faith (graphic only) 20 days before Men of Faith event.
  6. Preservice slide. 2 Sunday’s before Men of Faith event. (13 days & 6 days)
  7. video announcement - 2 Sunday’s before Men of Faith event (13 days & 6 days)  (remind Austin 3 weeks before to create video announcement for next Men of Faith.

Sample email below. The MoF graphic needs to be Linked to the sign-up form.  The “click to sign up” also needs to be linked to the sign-up form. 


Subject: Men of Faith Breakfast Bible Study. Sign up today! 

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Men of Faith, 

Hope you will be able to join for our next Men of Faith.

See you on Saturday!


Pastor Carl

Click to Sign up

Notes: Communication to the Men of our needs to capture sign-ups. Create a CCB form making the Admin Notifications the following recipients: Vinny Caracci, Jonathan Cain, and Carl Schneider. Make “links” to sign-up form on the graphic and the “Click to Sign up”. Starting in the fall of 2019 our MEN of Faith leaders will be phoning and texting men to make personal invitations in addition to the emails, web and Sunday morning information.